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How to start a cam girl career

So, you want to be a webcam model?

Adult Webcam models can earn over $2.000 per week. The amount of money you can make is up to you. Web cam models must be 18 years of age. Years ago, becoming a model meant a lot of hard work. You needed a portfolio, you needed exposure to the companies that hired models and even if you broke into the field, earnings could be lost through poor management or when societal norms changed.
Although the problems with poor management and the mood of the public haven’t changed, the opportunities to become a webcam model have exploded. Anyone with a good computer and webcam, a decent internet connection and the desire to be a cam girl or cam boy can do it. The proliferation of an internet-based workforce has opened up traditional fields to anyone with the desire and a minimum of skills. To day all you need is a computer, Internet and a good HD webcam.

First, you need the equipment

It is absolutely essential that you have the proper equipment for the job you want to do. When it comes to being a webcam model the essential equipment means a good computer and webcam. The webcam you use to talk to friends on Skype is probably not good enough. For webcam modeling you need one that takes clear pictures and video. We recommend a HD webcam. Ask your nearby computer store.
A steady internet connection is also required. Losing your connection during the middle of a webcam session is a good way to lose all of your current and future customers. Make sure all of your equipment is dependable and ready to go.

Second, you need a site to host you

Many times this step is easier to take care of then the first one. If you have the looks and talent to be a webcam model, finding a site to host you will not be difficult. Make sure that you understand what you will be getting out of any contracts you sign. do we recommend that you start there.
You will receive tips from your audience, 1 token is 0.05 dollars. ProXCams have millions of visitors every day and they are providing you with a ready-made audience.

Third, you will need drive

Working as a webcam model can be fun and profitable. Like any freelance work, you will need to be able to motivate yourself to get out in front of the camera and perform for the people who want to see you. There will be days when you don’t want to get out of bed, but there are days like that in every job. If you can’t self-motivate, you may want to look at a different career.

how to be a cam girl


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